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General Anaesthesia

Many dental treatments are difficult for adults, let alone children to tolerate. ​Day surgeries & hospitals provide a safe environment for the highest standard of care to be provided, particularly in young children, those who are very anxious and apprehensive as well as those with complex treatment needs or medical histories, treatment is often best provided in such surroundings.

Most commonly, general anaesthesia is required when a child is very young, very fearful, requires a large amount of dental treatment or has special health care needs or circumstances that will not allow them to tolerate multiple visits of treatment performed in the dental chair. The same applies for adults and we welcome these patient's in need of this service as well.

General anaesthesia is never suggested without due consideration; however, it is always our goal to provide safe, high quality care and a non-traumatic experience for our young patients.  Sometimes, this is only possible through the use of general anaesthesia.

During treatment in such facilities, six or so health professionals are caring for your child. These include the dentist and dental assisting staff, the anaesthetist, anaesthetic nurse and operating theatre nurses.


Wherever possible, it is aimed to complete all treatment in the one session and most children are fine to return home a few hours later. Rarely will a child stay the night in hospital.


We work in conjunction with  St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Lismore for our General Anaesthesia treatments.

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