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Oral Health Education 2023

In the thrilling span of three months in 2023, we embarked on an exhilarating journey, weaving through the schools of Clarence Valley to increase Oral Health Education. Our triumph wouldn't have been possible without the remarkable generosity of company donations and contributions!


Picture this: 26 schools, including preschools, early learning centres, and primary schools, became our vibrant canvas, reaching a whopping 2321 children. Armed with brushing charts, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and heaps of oral health wisdom, we sprinkled magic across the valley. And guess what? The schools and our team absolutely loved this every step of the way!


How? We try to Tailor education in three tantalizingly unique ways:


The little cherubs at Preschools and Early Childhood Centers got a dose of age-appropriate wisdom.

Now, the primary school heroes (Kindergarten to Year 4) delved into the art of making five 'smart' oral health choices. We even jazzed it up with visual demonstrations using plaque disclosing. This magical approach clicked with all the kids like a charm.


The pre-high school legends! We served them a dose of reality—a peek into the 'why' behind those five smart choices. And guess what? It resonated deeply with 402 future stars!
The voyage also uncovered a fascinating tapestry of awareness levels about oral health habits among the schools in Clarence Valley. Some sparkled with awareness, while others eagerly soaked up the knowledge we brought.


Dr. Annie aspires to leave a meaningful mark for the next generation in Clarence Valley. Her passion lies in providing free Oral Health Education to all, recognizing its crucial role in fundamental health and well-being, regardless of age. We're revved up and eager to keep this fantastic momentum rolling in the future!

As we chart our course ahead, sustaining this stellar success hinges on the continued support of our fabulous donors and the ongoing collaboration with our beloved schools. 

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