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Recycling Dental Products

Family Dental Yamba and Grafton collect your used dental products and send them to a company called Terracycle where it will be recycled and re-purposed as veggie gardens, park benches.... We feel every little bit helps to reduce our environmental footprint.

Just drop your well-used and clean items and we will dispose of it in an ideal way for you.

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Preschool and Day-care visits in Yamba + Grafton

We believe in educating the next generation in how to care for their own mouths. There are various ways kids can jump on board to be pro-active in preventing dental issues and enabling optimum health. We do primary, preschool school visits and welcome day care visits to our surgeries. We have also attended some young mother's groups to help educate them on how to care for their children best.
Let us know if you need a visit from our lovely dental team. The service is free and we guarantee you will find it engaging and stimulating for all ages. 

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