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Dr Willem



People sum Dr Willem up as the introverted nutty professor who always has fun, mischief and innovation on his mind. He likes nothing more than seeing his family have fun together.


His latest craze is diving and Snorkeling with his family or spending time on the Clarence River on a Jetski. He still loves fishing and will never change from being a catch and release man. Don't expect him to loose his accent or walking limb in the near future😉

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Dr Annie


When not at work, Dr Annie enjoys spending time with their 3 children which keep her busy and active. The Clarence Valley is their forever home and they enjoy the variety of beaches, outdoor activities, sun and wonderful weather all year round!


She loves being part of the Valley and it's people and feels at home amongst the longterm locals. She has a passion for supporting local businesses and artist and you will see that reflected in the practices.










Isabelle is a local girl having grown up at Harwood Island with my family that includes Mum, Dad, three siblings, two dogs, two cats and a bird. She Studied a Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy at Wagga Wagga before returning to work locally at both Family Dental Yamba and Grafton.


Outside of work you can find her on the farm helping with the cattle, or inside working on her latest creative project:  Crocheting, knitting, painting, diamond art, woodwork, pyrography, sewing I do it all… Just don’t ask her if  she has finished any of her projects.

She have a passion for preventative dental treatment and oral health care for children. Isabelle's biggest strength and one she takes most pride in, is working closely to build trust and rapport with those who are anxious about dental care. 


Dr Joanna


Dr Joanna Reece grew up in Vancouver, Canada and later moved to the UK where she studied dentistry at Guy’s Hospital, London University, graduating with distinction in 1997. Over her career, Joanna as gained a variety of experience in all aspects of dentistry - fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, bridges, and extractions. Joanna is interested in short-term orthodontics and is qualified to place braces with Quick Straight Teeth, Clear Correct aligners and Inman appliances.

Joanna prides herself in providing a relaxing atmosphere to help people who suffer from dental anxiety and she can also provide treatment under relative analgesia (‘happy gas’). 

Dr Joanna and her husband, Gordon, emigrated to Australia in 2005 and lived in the Alpineshire in Victoria and the city of Bendigo. They moved to the Clarence Valley in 2021and are enjoying the warmer weather and beautiful coast. Joanna loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, tennis, cycling, jogging, swimming and kayaking. On the quieter side she likes to read with her 2 cats Zelda and Humphrey curled up on her!

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